DynaDesk™ – an ergonomic revolution!

The patented DynaDesk™-solution is a Swedish innovation that helps you prevent pains in shoulders, neck and arms when doing sedentary work in front of a computer.

See the DynaDesk in motion

The movie shows the movement of the floating platform with a key-board and mouse. In the movie, the platform is set at the highest speed, and can simply be adjusted by the click of a button.

This is how it works

The built-in floating platform moves in a fixed track down- and outwards and up- and inwards resulting in a gentle movement of the shoulder, neck and arm muscles. The movement is absolutely silent and is powered by an electromechnical device managed by an electronic control unit.

Common causes for shoulder, neck and arm pain

Static strain
Long working hours
Poor sitting posture

DynaDesk advantages

  • Prevents strain injuries

    Ergonomists, physiotherapists and doctors agree that prolonged static strains have a negative effect on the body. Periodic exercise and movement such as pause gymnastics, varied sitting and standing by the desk, etc., is highly recommended. DynaDesk replaces the static strain with a dynamic movement – and with no active requirements on you as a user.

  • Relieves shoulders and neck

    The integrated dynamic movement in the DynaDesk relieves shoulders, neck and arms – and you do not have to do anything. You will quickly become accustomed to the gentle and slow movement of the floating platform. Usually it does not take more than half an hour.

  • The blood circulation increases

    The movement of the platform increases the blood circulation in the related musclegroups in the shoulders, neck and arms. The increased circulation reduces the cramp-like pain condition resulting from a static strain.

  • Increases your well-being

    When the static strain is replaced by a dynamic movement, you feel better and have more fun at work.