Our Core Values

We emphasize that employees as well as partners of WorkMotions respect fundamental human rights, take responsibility to create an increasingly healthy and secure work environment and contribute to a more sustainable society.

These standpoints are deeply rooted in WorkMotions and affects our company in everything from how we conduct business to the way we consort eachother. Ensuring that our core values are understood and complied with, is part of our daily engagement.

Our core values:

1.  Entrepreneurship

We dare to push and develop through creativity and ingenuity

We are persevering, efficient and do our best

2.  Independence and competence

We believe and trust in our knowledge and competence, but also seek experience also

We are driven by the development of our company, our selves and our competence

3.   Honesty and humbleness

We are honest and follow rules and legislations and deliver what we have committed to

We are openmindend, listen and respect the views of others

4.   Responsible and holistic

We stand up to the consequences of our actions and manage the development of the company in a rational and efficient manner

Upon problems, we identify the cause and try to mitigate for long term improvement

As employees in WorkMorions, we shall all follow the core values of the company and we follow and comply with the ten principles on the UN Global Compact (under the four themes of Human Rights, Labour, Environment and Anti-Corruption).